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As of 08/30/2016

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Thank you so much to Pastor Marion Deborah Paden, Debbie Kerr, and the entire parish at Kingdom of Heaven Christian Ministries for the donation of 24 completed care packages and some additional goodies to go into more care packages!

PSB is so grateful to know Christy Schlueter who donated her time, talent, and heart to foster care in Wisconsin. Christy had decided that she wanted to help children in foster care and since she was good at drawing and coloring, she gave pictures to people in exchange for either items for the shoe boxes or money to buy items for the shoe boxes.

Christy sent out a letter to family and friends asking for help. Christy collected empty shoe boxes from DSW and requested a book donation from Half-Priced Books. Altogether, Christy raised $355 and received a lot of various items. Lastly, Christy organized a day for friends to come and help her pack up all the shoe boxes. Thank you Christy for your donation of 55 shoe boxes, along with additional items donated to complete more shoe boxes.
Thank you Lakeland School Staff in Walworth County for generously putting together a drive to collect, pack and donate 41 awesome shoe boxes!  PSB appreciates the support from other counties!
Thank you so much to Abbi Schlosser for organizing the Blanket Bliss project that resulted in the donation of over 200 homemade blankets for children entering out of home care!
Truly inspiring to see a young lady working with her peers to give back to her community in such a special way.  Also, a special thank you to her mother Wendy Schlosser for assisting with coordinating!


Excited to announce we have hit the 1000 care package mark and have officially collected 1038 care packages for children entering out of home care.
Thank you to everyone who has donated or supported Project Shoe Box (PSB).  A special thank you to PSB team members Michelle Lim and Sami Jo Dock!