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Imagine one day someone comes to your home and tells you that you must leave immediately. You will be separated from everything you know, for who knows how long. You will be taken to live with complete strangers, unsure where your family members are or when you will see them next, and tomorrow you are suppose to start a new job. You were not able to take any of your belongings from your home, so you have nothing to prepare yourself for tomorrow.Quote

Now stop imagining. This is a reality for hundreds of children in foster care. These children are removed from their families with little or none of their belonging. They are placed in a stranger’s home, unsure where exactly they fit in. They do not have their favorite toy or even their toothbrush. Ashamed and embarrassed, they would rather go without than ask for shampoo or soap, even though their foster parents most likely have it available for them.

Few people will argue that there is something about having personal items that belong to you - your lotion, your brush or your toy. These small comforts can make all the difference for a child that is adjusting to a new home. Shoe boxes are the perfect size to enclose a few items that can make a very difficult time a little easier.


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